CD Review: Sister Sparrow and The Dirty Birds, “Sister Sparrow and The Dirty Birds”

I highly suggest that all you blues lovers check this band out! The sibling trio along with the rest of this talented group really rock on this versatile album loaded with killer songs. Track two has a high-energy, James Brown feel to it, while tracks three and nine will have you jammin’ reggae style. Bassist, Aidan Carroll, throws down some great licks on track seven, along with a wonderful horn section! Track ten “Who Are You” shows just how tight this band is with its riveting punches and stops. All songs were written by Arleigh Kincheloe, except for three which she co-wrote. The album was recorded at Avatar Studios by Anthony Ruotolo. I liked every song, but my personal favorites are tracks seven, ten, and eleven. Truly a great collection of songs, check them out at

7 Stars


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