“Childhood Home” by The Healing

The Healing with "Childhood Home" courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
The Healing with “Childhood Home” courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Eclectic and universal, this collection would fit snugly in a gamut of genre’s. It’s diverse and mesmerizing lyrics and melodies entrance your mind and drunken your soul.

Every now and then as you search through the tunes of life you find a special collection that takes you back to your youth, to a love once cherished, or a special moment somewhere through your childhood, this is “Childhood Home” by The Healing.

Outspoken and balanced on the edge with a tenderness that would span a million generations. It’s soothing, relaxing, it’s…………..healing.

Currently located in London this group has been described along the lines of Bob Dylan and Neil Young. They could also be compared to legendary artists The Moma’s and the Papa’s and Fleetwood Mac.

The title track “Childhood Home” expresses feelings of loneliness for a childhood lost to fast. Wishing for the same closeness they had as kids and wishing to go back to those fond days that so fleetingly pasted.

The Healing  courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
The Healing courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Collected and poised the band pulls from life’s experiences as a format to composing powerfully driven and emotional lyrics that literally pull you in to the song. They take you back to childhood memories and lost loves, school days and growing pains.

“Shed One Tear” is a touching and loving memory of someone who at one time was a rock a shoulder to lean on, in the life of young man or woman. Someone who instilled in them wonderful childhood memories. But they so painful had to leave this world and asked that no one shed a tear for their pain was gone and life moved on. I enjoyed this song because it expresses feelings we all have each and every day when we loose someone we love whether it be to tragedy or just life passing on. The lyrics tug at your heart but fill you with courage.

Harmonies are amazingly tight and flow smoothly while at times presenting a rock feel with “Tonopah” and heartfelt ballads such as “Shed One Tear” and Childhood Home”.

Their new album “Childhood Home” was released in August of this year and you can download or stream the album through Soundcloud or visit the sites below for more information. Jim, Ariel, Sam, and Nick all express in the songs of this album what most of us wish we could but never find the words. Great job.


• Official Website: www.thehealingmusic.co.uk
• Facebook: www.facebook.com/thehealingmusic
• Bandcamp: www.thehealing.bandcamp.com
• Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/thehealingmusic
• Twitter: https://twitter.com/HealingThe

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