Elford, Davies, and Baldini Release “The Real Story”

I am hooked on this artist, Elford, Davies and Baldini. They are truly a remarkable partnership of talented artists. The easy flow and smooth groove is intoxicating from the first note. This South East UK-based rock group is filled with a wide range of expressions in their music.

The group exudes a splash of 70’s rock, blues, and cool funk in a truly down-to-earth style. This new album “The Real Story” may contain a few dark lyrics with a tantalizing wit about them but they are a true and undisputed imprint of good ole rock n’ roll. The artist recorded the album during the pandemic lockdown.

Elford and Davies have collaborated and performed with music for years. While working on a project with a band called Keith Elford and the Weekend Kings they met Baldini. Baldini had produced an album called “The Land of the Living” that came out in 2019. All three members of the group have enjoyed performing their music while working on various other jobs over the years.

Artist quote:

We’ve tried to use the styles of classic guitar-based rock music with a focus on songwriting to say something about very contemporary issues, notably the Covid pandemic, Brexit, and the rise of populist conservatism – which we’re not too keen on. We have a different vision.  But there are also love stories, dreams, escapism, and even a little religious satire.

The last year and a half have been a challenge for the world in so many ways. This album is an expression of the feelings and emotions that we have all felt at one time or another. What a joy it is for artists such as Elford, Davies, and Baldini to be able to bring tough topics to the world in such a way that it helps others work through the struggles with a little joy in between.

Artist quote:

WWJD is about a few people I’ve known because I’m a churchman and see a lot first hand.  But it turned from a riff and a series of jokey remarks into a serious song based on the victim in the story of the Good Samaritan.

The End is Nigh” has a powerful, soulful rock side after a slightly ominous beginning. It is compelling and honest.

Artist quote:

The album was recorded almost entirely in lockdown, working remotely, which was a strange but addictive experience
More than half of the songs were written during the lockdown in the UK and were fueled by anger and disbelief at the destructive fantasies that people seemed willing to buy in both Britain and the US – and at the disgraceful death toll in both countries.

Cry of Despair” has a nice welcoming of soft rock guitar and the vocals are clear and pristine. It speaks of the hardships we are facing today. Please stop and truly listen to the lyrics. The music brings a positive good vibe.

This artist is similar to other well-known artists such as Free, Deep Purple, Quo, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and, Elvis Costello. Along with Steve Winwood, Neil Finn, and Thin Lizzy. The artist places in the genres of rock, blues, pop, and super funk.

Saints and Sinners” intro reminds me of “Evil Ways” by Santana. It has a nice slow groove intro and a smooth rock feel that, though it’s expressing hardship, brings hope.

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Watch the music video here for “Sinners and Saints” on Youtube.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElfordDaviesBaldini
Twitter: @AndElford
Artist Contact Email: keith.a.elford@gmail.com

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