Gal Friday Delivers


  by K.W.Poole ©11/15/16

Gal Friday: Ashley Min, Lauren Wilson, Melissa York

If you weren’t at The Blue Bar on Thursday
night, you missed out. The three sisters of Gal
Friday hit the stage with a vocal presence that
is a force to be reckoned with. This town needs
this band. All female. All strong. All on fire.
They made their mark on the Nashville scene
the moment they hit the stage. With a unique
strength in songwriting and delivery, harmony and report, this sister act has all the sweet,
sultry and spark to make one slamming impression. Lauren Wilson, Melissa York and Ashley Min have the voices and personalities to carry a room beyond its walls, and write the words to hold it captive. The trio of vocalists was expertly accompanied by solo guitar player, Nick Mayers, a new but already established musician here in Nashville. The Gal Friday girls are not new to Nashville or songwriting. In the past they played to a sold out house at the Bluebird Cafe and performed on the Billy Block Show. They have opened and captured the crowd with the big leagues including: Keith Urban (Gulf Coast Jam) and The Band Perry with Kellie Pickler (Nascar Speed Street.)

On Thursday they proved their newest material keeps up with past performances. Opening with their sleek song Smoke and Mirrors which speaks to the illusions of stage life and tells the listener “be who you want to be.” These girls do not have to “fake it til you make it.” They are the real deal. And they do play “like the show won’t ever end.” The sound and lyrics, as
seductive as the title, bring full and flirty harmonies in contrast to the darker
powerful message between the lines. A bit Aldean in style – the perfect
compliment to their soulful touch.
galfriday-52Lauren, the middle sister, performed a shout out to to her siblings as she introduced her song Fighter, written about their lives. Sister Melissa commented: “Ain’t easy to handle these three women at one time.” This ballad – a bit Martina McBride meets hardcore gospel lullaby – still matched the style and strength of the band.

The crowd favorite was Scrapyard, a track which has the potential to find its way on Country Radio airplay lists and music video channels when released in early 2017. This song alone is a treasure worth investing in. The lyrics are stellar, with vocals and energy to match; keep your ears and eyes out for both song and the soon to be produced video.

No bones about it these three sisters from NC can hang with the big boys.
Not since Little Big Town rolled in and blew us all away with their first album
has there been a collective group with such gritty and deliciously depth-filled
harmonies. While belting it out in enticing siren-like musical layers,
Gal Friday delivers. Nashville should buy what they bring to the door. The
audience was riveted to the stage from start to close.

The set was two short. Four songs near the end of a showcase. Closing
with Out Run the Rain the women proved “a storm’s a comin’” and they are
the catalyst. The power of their music includes clear influences from
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, adding mastery and intrigue to this girl band.
They are versatile without confusion. The Gals have a unique and fresh
style – with a pleasing hint of the familiar – sure to make a significant mark
on Country Music.

If you missed them do not fret. Gal Friday plans a return engagement to
Nashville early in 2017 while they complete the recording of their latest
album. Until then keep up with all things Gal Friday at http:// And get your tickets early for Panama City’s
Spring Jam 2017, when they will open up for Darius Rucker.
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