San Diego Artist Christopher Sluka releases “Introversions“ to Rave Reviews

Sluka cover courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Sluka cover courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Sluka cover courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Outstanding talent is brought to the forefront of the grand musical scene from Gothic Groove Rock artist Sluka. This is major motion picture sound track quality. No doubt that if there haven’t already been offers, there will be.

With an exuberant personality and a voice that channels Bowie, Christopher Sluka is mesmerizing. Once you begin to listen you won’t want to stop until you finish the entire album and when you do you’ll want to go back and listen again.

Described by some as a “Prince of Gothic” rocker, Christopher Sluka is a musician, singer/songwriter, and entertainer with currently ten recorded studio albums. “Introversions” is #10 and what an amazing album it is. This album crosses several genres and no doubt has drawn fans world wide.

“Valentine Lies” is exquisite. I love the flavor of the guitar and the bass. The vocals are sultry, raw and inviting.

Christopher Sluka courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Christopher Sluka courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Killer tracks on this latest collections attest to the caliber of talent Christopher Sluka holds. He’s beyond the brightest and his ideas and creations are unstoppable. The music and lyrics of this newest album, as mentioned before can cross over to various genre’s and expand the path to climbing the charts.

Grooving with a slow emotion “Sadder Than Sad” isn’t as sad as you would think. The intro is outstanding. Edgy bass and techno instrumentation brings you in. Even though the lyrics speak of a lost love the music is what captivates you.

Each track in this collection is accompanied by it’s own video expression and experience for the fans enjoyment. What a pleasure to have a visual display to each and every song.

Filled with genuine, relaxing and enriched slow jam this album is complete and somewhere between ethereal and eclectic. Which would explain why Sluka has been described as the “Prince of Gothic” rock.

The injection of rich and warm sexuality of “Doctor Strangelove” is mesmerizing and pulls you in to the magic of the song. For you enjoyment you can experience your own alluring acceptance of the song and a visual presentation to assist you in being part of the experience as if you were really there.

I don’t normally like to place an artist in to one specific genre or give them a moniker as such but, he is handsome, talented and a man of many expressions of himself. Not only is Sluka a virtuoso of music he is also an accomplished artist with his work on display from New York to Milan and Tokyo back to San Diego and he is a gifted and accomplished pilot who flies air craft of all sizes around the world.

I deeply enjoyed “ Gothic Cavalier” and you can too by checking out the intoxicating video here:

Sluka courtesy of IMP
Sluka courtesy of IMP

There’s a great song writing mix here. There could not be a sharper edge to the collection, over all it is honestly a unique manifestation of talent with a rare psychedelic infusion.

Chrisopher Sluka plays all instruments on this album which include guitar, drums, bass, keys, violin and vocals. This album was produced at Steel Flower Music.

Christopher enjoyed a wondrous upbringing living in a multitude of places around the world and it is presented to you, the fans, in a dynamic, almost spiritual and transcendent depiction. Over the years he has enjoyed television and radio appearances, his music has received some the highest reviews and he is well respected world wide for his genuine and most assuredly unique sound.

Be on the watch for Spring of 2017 when he will plan the release of his 11th studio album. For more information on Christopher Sluka please visit

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