How to Legally Boost Your Music Library

The music industry has changed a lot since MP3 players came around. Now we have thousands of digital stores, streaming services, blogs, and artist curated websites dishing out free music all the time. It’s easier than ever to create a massive music library without spending a dime. Here’s how to do it.

Ever since Napster, the music industry has been a little strange. People have built music libraries for free from peer-to-peer sharing and Usenet that would put a library to shame. Nowadays, it’s not hard to do legally as long as you’re willing to spend a little time looking.

Search the Big Digital Stores for Free Tracks

At one point, it was only possible to track down free music from independent artists and labels. That’s still mostly the case, but that doesn’t mean you can’t build a big music library for free, and still include some big names.

Finding these tracks can sometimes be a mess though. One good place to start is Amazon’s free MP3 page. From there, it’s also worth checking out the Free on iTunes section in iTunes, and Google Play’s free section. Oftentimes these sites are just unloading odd music from artists you’ve never heard of, but sometimes you can catch a popular track or two. Then sometimes you come across that diamond in the rough artist that you have never heard of but fall in love with their sound. This is what NMG really likes about this method.

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