Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You” Presented In a New Vision by The NaveBlues

The NaveBlues cover courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
The NaveBlues cover courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
The NaveBlues cover courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Not only does this group have musical talent but they have an inner vision of how the music affects our future interpretation of “Us” and boy do they ever have a crazy way of expressing it. By crazy I mean, wow factor crazy, groovy crazy, unique and out of sight.

Hailing from Norway, front man Nave Pundik is exceptional on vocals and harmonica. He is a singer/songwriter and mesmerizing harmonica virtuoso who using not only his playing ability but his visual ideas to tantalize his audiences. Channeling Led Zeppelins “Thank You” through a possible journey on Mars is super, ridiculously genius. Who would have thought it…..Naveblues did.

This high energy indie rock group from is hot and should be watched for the 2017 super hit lists around the world. No doubt they will garner a nice set of awards.

Instrumentally the cover of “Thank You” by Led Zeppelin is inspiring. Great guitar rifts, booming bass and percussion dances and and all around rock n roll splendor.


Vocals were raw and edgy, the background vocals are haunting and give an emotional visionary accent to the entire song, the lead vocals were solid.

Love the mix and production of the video. The concept is powerful as you actually become part of the story. It takes you on a trip to a foreign planet, Mars. Your overcome with a collage of emotions and feelings. The beauty is ethereal, the various emotions and feelings experienced are not only visual but felt in the music and the lyrics. Excellent vision.

Nave Pundik courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Nave Pundik courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Influenced by artists such as Little Walter, the approach that Nave Pundik takes in his music is a style definitely all his own. As one of the best blues harmonica players I think I’ve ever heard, he sets the bar high for others who come in to this style of music. Blues, rock, emotional music, regardless of where he’s going with it, his vision along with his talent is unrestricted and wide open. The sky is the limit.

Through searches of his music, I found that The NaveBlues, as of July were #1 in Bergen, Norway on the ReverbNation charts. This is not a surprise. They have deep rooted talent and an unlimited vision of what music is not only on paper, or through instrumentation but through visual expression as well.

While reviewing the new single and video for “Thank You” I had the opportunity to experience first hand this “visual” effect by catching a previous song and video. “The Ghost Collector” opens with a heated and passionate harmonica with a fire breathing jam of rocking guitar and drums. Love the concept on this one too. Old school rock and a harmonica used to entice and trap a departed black swan ballerina ghost. As the “Harmonica King” Nave makes his way through the haunted building his intense soulful/blues harmonica temps and tortures the spirit of the black swan until all that’s left is one lonely black feather. I also thought the box with all the other harmonicas was excellent, it brought the idea to the forefront of all the other ghosts that were collected. Cool idea.

When you experience The NaveBlues you will experience not only rock but blues, funk, soul, and a collage of various other indie-genres that meld together so smooth it’s like honey. Their music has a healing effect almost and gives us an opportunity to use our own imagination as we take in the lyrics, the music and the passion behind each song.

Twitter: @naveblues

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