Lucky 13 with PJ North

PJ North singer, songwriter and part-time race car driver...

“Without music, I would be just another guy
Music is my life
My music makes me feel like dancing
I write the songs because I want people to feel the same way I feel when I write my songs
Support music because it’s the universal language that brings everyone together!”

~ PJ North~

1. What are your musical influences?

Brooks and Dunn, Sam Hunt, Jay Z, The 1975, Jason Aldean

2. What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?

If you believe in your sound, be passionate. If you’re finding yourself, make the music you want to make. If you’re in it for the fame or fortune, then you’re not in it for the right reasons! Keep grinding, if this is your dream people will support you.

3. If you had to do it all over again, would you still choose this career?

Would you do anything differently? I would do it all over again! My one change would to pick up a guitar at a much younger age!

4. What are 3 things that you have to have with you at all times/never leave home without?

Phone, wedding ring, insulin

5. How would you describe your music to someone that has never heard you before?

It’s a mix of new age pop and 90’s country sprinkled with some hip hop on top!

6. As a child growing up, music surrounds us; What type of music did you hear the most back then? How does it differ from what you listen to now?

I grew up on country music, Brooks and Dunn, George Strait, Alan Jackson, Joe Diffie, all the classics! Then I got really into hip hop and pop music which then lead to my love of Pop, Punk and Indie Pop music! I’ve always listened to an eclectic mix of music, I hope to never lose that!

7. What made you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in music?

It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do! My first concert was brooks and Dunn when I was 5 years old and I’ve been a performer ever since!

8. If you had to describe your music in three or four words, what would you call it?

Pop Country Dance

9. Do you have other interests or talents you would like to share with us?

My wife and I along with her family all drag race in the NHRA Sportsmen ranks

10. Someone once said write what you would want to perform over and over. With that in mind, what song do you love to perform the most?

My first single after moving to town “There’s Always Vegas”

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