Nashvillains Set To Release Debut Album
Tumbling Down – Due Out March 4

Nashvillains are set to release their debut album Tumbling Down worldwide on Mar. 4. Written entirely by Nashvillains, Troy Johnson, Scott Lindsey, and Brett Boyett, and produced by Boyett, the 9-track concept album tells a story and takes listeners on a unique journey.

Tumbling Down conveys the tale of a man trying to rebuild his life after living through the consequences of bad decisions. Nashvillains composed the album with thought-provoking visual lyrics so that listeners can experience the storyline firsthand. Tumbling Down aims to showcase the everyday emotions that individuals face in an honest light and create an experience for the listener.

Lindsey comments on the inspiration behind the album,“Our original inspiration was to tell a story about a man that has made bad decisions that have sent his life into a downward spiral. In three simple words, the album is beautiful, dramatic, and classic, and we hope everyone loves it as much as we do.” 

Concept albums, especially those that contain darker content, have become foreign to the Country music scene. After spending years in the industry, Nashvillians wanted to create an album perceived as more provocative than the music commonly heard on mainstream country radio. With this album, they try to fill a niche in the Country music landscape through the composition of mature, cinematic themes.

Boyett elaborates further on the narrative-like concept, “Tumbling Down is the Nashvillains’ opus. We have nine songs that tell one complete story. Each song relates to the previous and the next song. The message is – we are a country band that has an album that we believe is so emotionally impactful that we would stake our careers on it and have. We believe that we can be successful without following the contemporary formula that has been put in front of us. We believe that the audience, in general, is ready for something different and thought-provoking.”

Along with the album, Nashvillains is releasing several music videos to showcase the storyline and help fans see the complete picture. They are filming two official music videos for tracks, “Tumbling Down” and “Chickasaw Bayou” this month. Nashvillains currently have a “Tumbling Down” lyric video out for that single, which can be seen here.

Their most recent video for “There to Catch Me” premiered on CMT (here). Directed by award-winning director and producer Bethany Ashton Wolf, two versions of the video were created – a short-form and a long-form version. The long-form version shows more of the story behind the song and will be appearing in film festivals throughout 2022. The short-form music video is available for fans to watch now on Nashvillains YouTube page here.

Signed to Fate Entertainment, Nashvillains’ inception stemmed from the industry veterans’ and musicians’ shared love of country music and rock and roll. Each member has been successful in their own right before coming together for this unique project. Collectively, they have written and produced music for feature films, television shows, and major artists like The Chicks, Keith Urban, Cassadee Pope, James Taylor, Lauren Alaina, among many more.

Band members Brett Boyett and Scott Lindsey first met in a writing session where they shared a commonality on a creative vision; that the country music spectrum was in dire need of a rock meets outlaw country presence that flirts with sonic experimentation. Having been familiar with Troy Johnson through the songwriting community, Boyett pinned Troy Johnson and his gritty vocals as a potential third member when he learned that Lindsey shared his publishing company with the sought-after writer; the rest was history. 

The newly formed group looks to create a fresh musical landscape by blurring lines between genres, bending the rules of convention, and expanding country music. The sonic landscape of the Nashvillains is accomplished by using traditional instrumentation with creative modern programming while emphasizing the dramatic and untold stories rarely touched upon by today’s popular country music. 

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The track list for Tumbling Down is as follows:

1. “Devil Don’t Sleep” (Troy Johnson, Scott Lindsey, and Brett Boyett)
2. “Standing In The Fire” Ft. Big Smo (Troy Johnson, Scott Lindsey, and Brett Boyett)
3. “Tumbling Down” (Troy Johnson, Scott Lindsey, and Brett Boyett)
4. “Baby Keeps Killing Me” (Troy Johnson, Scott Lindsey, and Brett Boyett)
5. “Bonita” (Troy Johnson, Scott Lindsey, and Brett Boyett)
6. “There To Catch Me” (Troy Johnson, Scott Lindsey, and Brett Boyett)
7. “Love Is Pain” (Troy Johnson, Scott Lindsey, and Brett Boyett)
8. “Chickasaw Bayou” (Troy Johnson, Scott Lindsey, and Brett Boyett)
9. “Don’t Let Me Hang” (Troy Johnson, Scott Lindsey, and Brett Boyett)

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