Terra Bella’s “Before You” Single Review

Terra Bella’s “Before You” is a sweet song that explains how love can change you. The vocals within this song are soft-spoken. It is very sweet and tender. The tempo is slow and steady. You can hear the love in her voice. This is a timeless love song.
“I was careless, lost, and broken before you.” This is a strong line found many times within the song that I think sums it up quite perfectly. The duo performs effortlessly with each other. This song is the first one that I heard from them and makes me want to hear more. They have a Country Indie sound that is fun and energetic, even during a slow song. I was left wanting more.
“Before You” is the first single from their highly-anticipated album to be released early next year. Terra Bella is a husband and wife duo, Joseph and Martina Costa, who sing and write together. They moved to Nashville in 2013 from their home in central California. They have opened for artists such as Lee Brice, Montgomery Gentry, and Thomas Rhett. Music brought them together as friends, but that shortly grew into love. Now they are married and doing what they love together, performing.

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