Darryl Worley’s “Lonely Alone” Single Review

Darryl Worley’s “Lonely Alone” is the sound of traditional country music. His voice is classic and clean. The song is written for those with a broken heart. The song suggests that being lonely isn’t just when you are alone. That “if it ain’t love, ain’t no reason to stay”. The melody is calm. “Lonely Alone” is a slow tempo song that keeps you engaged with the soothing vocals. This song explains the feeling of how relationships can sometimes leave you feeling alone.
Worley is from Savannah, Tn. 
Darryl has almost twenty hit singles, three of which are number one hits. He is not only a vibrant singer but a brilliant songwriter who comes from a music background with a grandfather that played the banjo and his mother who sang in church. Music is in his blood.
Worley has been active in Country music for over a decade. He has multiple albums and has even taken time to perform many times for troops in Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Uzbekistan. His patriotism and support of the troops has lead him to be honored for his work with the VFW’s Americanism Award, the USO Merit Award, and the U.S. Army Appreciation Award. He is a proud husband and father and uses his experiences to continue writing and performing.

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Review By: Taraya Harvey | tarayajones@yahoo.com

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