Dylan Dili’s Pain 2 Power Album Review

During a visit back home to the Caribbean, Dylan Dili recorded his newest musical offering entitled Pain 2 Power. The 12-track album chronicles Dili’s journey of love, self-identity, and ability to turn his personal pain into power. This album serves as an indication that Dili has grown from being the butt of Dave Chappelle’s “because I spit hot fire” jokes and has evolved into a music artist worthy of being considered for Best Urban Contemporary Album in the Grammy’s. To say the least, Dylan Dili has been putting in work and sharpening his craft.

When I realized that Dylan Dili was the same Dylan from P. Diddy’s former hip-hop group Da Band, I was skeptical of how authentic this album would sound. However, upon listening to this album three times over I can say that I was pleased. Not only is the content relatable, but the instrumentation of the album has such a genuine Caribbean vibe. The tracks from Pain 2 Power that I have favorited in my TIDAL app are “Knockout”, “All the Best”, and “I Can Fly”.

On “Knockout”, Dylan plants his stake as “the king of R&B.” He wails about the love of a woman and how she’s got “his heart tied up in a knot.” Though it’s a love song, the track is easily a dancehall party starter. I’ve been practicing my Pon de River to this song and maybe I can get it right with a few more plays.

“All The Best” sets the tone to blast the speakers in anybody’s vehicle. He shows love to all his haters and naysayers by wishing them the best in a powerful manner. The production of the track is reminiscent of Southern hip-hop with its heavy horns, fast-paced hi-hats, and deep bass grooves. It’s an anthem for anybody that has ever been told that they can’t accomplish a goal or dream.

The piano-driven “I Can Fly” showcases Dylan’s ability to motivate those that are living in a struggle. The lines that truly resonated with my soul were “enlightening words I heard from an OG, “Take the limits off and there’s nothing you cannot receive.” I Can Fly is a track that is perfect for those doubting their ability in whatever field they’re currently in. He encourages his listeners to fly past their circumstances.

What truly captivates me about the album is how easily versatile Dylan can be. These days he is not only rapping, but he is flexing his singing ability which truly ties the varying energies of Pain 2 Power together. It’s hard for someone like me to listen to an album from the intro to outro, but Dylan demands the attention easily.

Dylan Dili is a Caribbean hip-hop artist, executive producer, and philanthropist raised in the heart of Brooklyn, NY.  At the age of 15, he was sent to Grenada in the West Indies so that he could focus on making a better future for himself. At the age of 10, he began writing music and would soon become a DJ/reggae selector. He would later channel this energy and love for music into becoming a music artist. For the past several years, Dylan has released various mixtapes, videos, and performed around the world. He currently has a new partnership with VP Records, which is the world’s leading reggae label. He used his platform of being selected to join P. Diddy’s “Making the Band” MTV reality TV show to create music for himself. It is time for Dylan Dili to get the shine he has so adamantly worked for.

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Review by Amarii Anderson 

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