Kelly Lang’s Obsession

As she walks across her dressing room to welcome me with her green eyes, dark brunette hair and authentic smile, I know this is going to be an album release party to remember, featuring Kelly Lang. The album entitled, Obsession is self-penned and self-produced by Ms. Lang and sponsored by Springer Mountain Farms.

Kelly explains that her writing is from reflections of different eras of time in her life, and/ or about one or two of her friends. She feels that most authentic writing is autobiographical and fast songs are a little more difficult to write, as she made a reference from the stage that her husband, T.G. Sheppard, told her she should add another fast song to her album. Hence, the song, Wonder Woman is added to the CD. As a very modest artist, Kelly explains, “I have no visions of grandeur or radio playing my songs with today’s option of music that gets played.” When asked, “And if radio does play your music and it is well received and becomes extremely popular?” Kelly responds, “I have a great support system either way it goes.”

Country music artists recording Kelly’s writing are, Jerry Lee Lewis, Lee Greenwood, The Oakridge Boys, Ricky Skaggs, Crystal Gayle and T.G. Sheppard, and with this release, Obsession, Kelly Lang emerges as “A caterpillar peeling skin to become a butterfly.” Her aspirations for continuing to write is derived from a blind, young man named Brock that states, “Her music soothes my soul.”

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Review By: Jan Braun





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