The Amazing Liz Graham with “Charcoal on a Canvas”

Charcoal on a Canvas (cover) courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Charcoal on a Canvas (cover) courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Charcoal on a Canvas (cover) courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

When art meets the airwaves this is what you gain. Beauty in melody. Liz Graham has created a hit making moment. Her gifts of songwriting are renowned through out the world and she has once again created a masterpiece.

Her early life was tormented with hardship that consisted of both emotional and physical abuse. Through out that there was one constant that gave her hope….her brother Randy. He often found her in her crib singing, He was her inspiration.

At the tender age of 8 she discovered poetry and was given the ability to put words to rhythm; which helped her with all those struggles inside. But life would still present struggles for her and the loss of her brother when she was 18 would forever change her life and the journey she would soon follow.

Songwriting and music would become her world. It was a way to express her love, her loss, and her way of helping to save others.

Influenced by legendary greats such as Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell, The Rolling Stones, and Eric Clapton, Liz has taken her passion and made it a world for others to share.

Considered folk/rock, adult contemporary, and similar to Sarah McLachlan…you’ll be hooked on Liz and the depth of her songs, expressions and messages.

“Charcoal on a Canvas” is a story of desire to know the inner most passions of someone on the deepest level you can imagine. Intrigued by the shadows and secrets this man held inside she wanted to find out the truths of knowing him and why he resists her. Exceptional.

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Her music has been recognized by being accepted in major and independent film projects and her talent for the use of imagery and symbolism has given her a greater reach with fans on various levels of music.

Liz Graham courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Liz Graham courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

“Charcoal on a Canvas” is the newest single by this critically acclaimed singer/songwriter. Her accolades span over twenty years in the industry beginning in 1994 In recognition of her appearances in clubs and on radio she received the ASCAP award from 1994 to 1996 , and in 1996 “Tracking Buddha” was chosen from over 10,000 entrants to participate in a Ticketmaster Music Showcase.

In 1998 Liz was again recognized in the Top 50 “Women’s radio” charts for her outstanding contributions. In the UK and Japan, in 1999, she also received high accolades of being highlighted in the top 10 “Womens’s radio charts. She has definitely proven her talent and skills as an outstanding entertainer and singer/songwriter.

Liz Graham has opened for greats such as Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane, Bill Perry Blues Band, Richie Havens, and Cliff Eberhardt and John Sebastion of Lovin Spoonful.

It is without a doubt that Liz has made a huge imprint on the industry and that her talents will be remembered for many years. She has just touched the tip of this amazing ride in the industry and her journey is bright.

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This beautiful lady is so talented and I know you’ll enjoy her message and her music.

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