The Blue Project with Danny Petroni

The Blue Project courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
The Blue Project courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

New Jersey Blues at it’s hottest is what you’ll find with the acclaimed group The Blue Project. Currently promoting their new self titled album.

In October of 2012 during the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy The Blue Project was born. Danny Petroni was on a mission to help local musicians find work. Especially while music production had all but stopped due to the disaster of Sandy.

With his goal of keeping local musicians working he used his original songs and created what is now known as “The Blue Project”, a highly impressive collection of funk, blues, and jazz.

You’ll not find another like this one. Most all genres of music have expanded in many directions. You have various classifications within a classification. Danny Petroni and The Blue Project are doing the same. They are taking true “Blue” blues and expanding it into something perpetual.

Each song on the album has a deep rooted message and you’ll pull a favorite right from the start.

I love the intro of “I’ve Seen Everything”, it could be the beginning of the soundtrack for a movie of an intense hurricane.

The horns of “God of War” and the vocals are highly impressive. I loved this album from the beginning of the first note.

Track six on this album “Peanut Butter & Jelly” makes you want to move and groove. What else could you do in the midst of a hurricane other than move and groove, eat peanut butter and jelly, and wait for the world to come back on.

Danny Petroni and Frank Lacey courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Danny Petroni and Frank Lacey courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

The Blue Project is dynamic and a source of hard work from struggling, gifted musicians who were given an opportunity to make magic in the face of a tragedy. While almost all venues and work projects were canceled or down, these guys, along with the dream of Danny Petroni created a master piece with a historical tale behind it.

Members of the band are:
Danny Petroni – Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars
Frank Lacy – Lead Vocals/Trombone/Flumpet

Gary Oleyar – Violin
Gene Boccia – Bass
Calvin Jones – Upright bass on “Requiem for a Working Man”
John Drymon -, Piano/Hammond B3 Organ
Steve Kramer – Piano on “Cracker Jack”, “Peanut Butter & Jelly”
John P Allen – Drums
Dave Halpern – Drums on “Mouse in the House”
Female Vocals, Jo Wymer on “I Changed my Ways”, Backup Vocals on
“Looking Good”
Backup Vocals on (God of War, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Requiem for a
Working man) Layonne Holmes, Ricky Collins, Katrina Harper

When mystery evades us and intrigue draws us in we find “The Blue Project” and just in time. It takes you back and it shoots you forward. Blending the past with the future this album is an award winner hot off the press.

Just a slip of soulful modern, old school blues. You won’t go wrong with this album in your collection. In fact your collection will be a gold collection if you have a copy of “The Blue Project” in the box or on the shelf.

Danny Petroni courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Danny Petroni courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

A New Jersey native, Danny Petroni is an American composer-songwriter and a gifted guitarist in jazz, blues, and rock. His accomplishments include performing with jazz musicians Tony Scott, Luther Thomas, and Johnny Griffen. He has toured Europe and performed in Italy, his ancestral land, and currently resides in the United States where he has formed…….The Blue Project.

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