the songwriter {Nashville} goes behind the scenes to witness creation of a song

the songwriter {Nashville} – Witness Creation

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witness creation, the songwriter {Nashville}  

New documentary web series goes behind-the-scenes with legendary and young songwriters to see first-hand how songs are created


It is a kind of magic that usually happens behind closed doors.
Now, the behind-the-scenes creative process of the individual and collaborative songwriter has been captured with visual artistry in a short documentary web series, the songwriter {Nashville}, released by Movie Time Picture Company and HouseKopp Management.


Series creators and founders of Movie Time Picture Company, Esteban Pedraza and Aaron Pryka, launched the series by premiering a 40-minute version of the documentary series to a packed house at Nashville’s historic Belcourt Theatre. The filmmakers approach the series with a sensitivity that invites both young and seasoned songwriters to share their stories with the intimate comfort of conversing with a trusted friend.


“Songwriting is a very naked experience. I mean, you feel very exposed.”
~ Rebecca Moreland


“Every person has a special relationship with the music and the songs they cherish, but very few have the opportunity to witness the creative and dynamic process involved in birthing a new song, Movie Time Picture Company captured the process as it happened.” Mike Kopp, co-producer of the songwriter {Nashville}.


“It’s like opening a flood gate for me, too. My emotions are starting to come out.
I bring the guitar up and I’ll just pour out.”
~ Bill Miller


Pedraza and Pryka began production on the songwriter documentary in 2012 in collaboration with Sharon Corbitt-House and Mike Kopp of HouseKopp Management to create a series that shows writing sessions as they happen. While brand new music and lyrics are being composed, songwriters share their philosophies on the craft and the experiences that have inspired their music.


“It’s always this, y’know, ‘the great void’ when you sit down to write a song.
There’s nothing. You just have to open yourself up to letting it come through.”
~ James House


Nashville, the one and only Music City, is an ideal setting for the documentary series’ first season. Hence, the songwriter {Nashville}. Season one features James House, Gordon Kennedy, Bill Miller, Danny Flowers, Heather Morgan, Rebecca Moreland and more with the songwriters filmed in several iconic locations including Ben Fold’s Studio A, Fontanel Mansion and Castle Recording Studios.


“While I was growing up in Nashville, I lived in the suburbs and never really interacted with the music world. In coming back to do this, it was like discovering a new room in my old house that I never knew was there. It’s a whole world that’s tightly woven, yet really diverse. As an artist, it was inspiring to capture a never before seen process by the public and now I’m excited to get to share a beautiful aspect of my hometown with the world.” Esteban Pedraza, co-owner of Movie Time Picture Company and co-creator of the songwriter {Nashville}.


Pedraza and Pryka are currently preparing for season two and have plans to highlight songwriters in other markets so viewers can witness creation from coast to coast, and possibly throughout the world.


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About Movie Time Picture Company

Movie Time Picture Company was founded by NYU graduate Esteban Pedraza from Nashville, TN and Aaron Pryka from Bloomfield Village, MI.
MTPC creates *ArtContent* of the highest quality in moving and
still pictures including produced for all manners of consumption.

About HouseKopp Management

HouseKopp Management guides the career of artists in today’s ever-changing entertainment arena. Founded by music industry veteran Sharon Corbitt-House and long-time marketing and communications consultant Mike Kopp, the company oversees and advises on the business affairs of an artist, offers strategic guidance and planning, develops and manages an artist’s brand, and also assists with personal decisions that might impact an artist’s professional career.

The company is based in Nashville, TN., with offices adjacent to Grand Victor Sound Studio on historic Music Row. The studio is owned and operated by multi-platinum selling singer/songwriter/producer Ben Folds, who works with HouseKopp Management on his various music enterprises and initiatives.

About Esteban Pedraza

Esteban Pedraza, raised in Bogotá, Colombia, moved with his mother to Nashville, Tennessee when he was 4 years old. While attending high school at Christ Presbyterian Academy (CPA), he was introduced to and became actively involved in theater and broadcasting. He graduated from CPA to attend the New York University Tisch School of the Arts where he received a degree in Film and Television in 2013.

In 2010, Esteban was awarded first-place film honors from the prestigious worldwide Faith Shorts Competition of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation with his short film entitled “People I Know”. In early 2013, he teamed up with writer/producer Aaron Pryka to found Movie Time Picture Company where they have multiple film projects in development, including their first feature film as well as numerous music videos, documentaries and online content for artists and businesses.

Esteban currently resides in NYC, but visits Nashville frequently to stay connected to friends and family.


About Aaron Pryka

Aaron was raised by his parents and grandparents in Bloomfield, Michigan like he was part of some strange suburban feudal polish clan. For the last five years he’s lived in New York City and after being finished with NYU he founded The Movie Time Picture Company with friend and bona-fide college graduate Esteban Pedraza. He has a House-Plant Named Simon, Two-Brother’s that he loves very much, and is trying to complete the greatest screenplay of all time before it burns a hole through his heart.

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