Alabama Folk Rock Group Electric Blue Yonder Shares New Release “Bluster”

What can I say other than this group is a major player on the watch lists for 2019. I reviewed them last November and have been a huge fan since.
The group hails from Montgomery Alabama and are on Infinite Reality Records.

Their cosmic and distinctive ambiance shows in the depth, expression, and implementation of their talents. ~ Sherryl Craig, Lyrics N Legends

They are self described as “space folk”, I wonder if that’s space folk as in the physical essence or the musical…I think maybe it’s both. They exude the experience of free floating in melody, the beat, the harmony.

The character of the story lines, the mixture of impressions in the harmonies and presentation is superb.

Electric Blue Yonder delivers every time. They are spot on with their style and the effect they want to pull from the audience.

“Bluster” is powerful and tantalizing. “Keep your head up high but don’t get lost in the clouds, We’re flying higher and we might lose track of the ground,” I enjoy doing that when I find the perfect song to relax too. “Bluster” is a prescription to ease any pain you have. Enjoy it here:

Described as old time, mountain music woven in a fabric of evocative harmonies and entwined melodies, they place perfecting in the genre’s of rock, pop, and modern folk. I love the way the vocals are partnered tightly and the balance is magical.

Electric Blue Yonder consists of some excitingly talented musicians Johnny Veres, Beth Hataway, Russell Thomas Bush and Sam Pittinos. Johnny Veres nails it on vocals and guitar. Beth Hataway, harmonizes to the moon and back and also performs on guitar. Russell is the solid rock on bass and backup vocals, and Sam Pittinos brings up the foundation with a powerful percussion section and vocals.

You can pre-order your copy here from iTunes:

The band shares a huge folk rock influence of the popular 60’s and 70’s psychedelic and folk rock style of music blended with an unshackled southern groove. It has an easy flowing feel to it and it keeps you moving.

They are free and unrestrained, able to express what the music really feels like and how it pulls us to express ourselves openly and let go of all the garbage that might restrain us. Electric Blue Yonder takes you to the Yonder edges of infinity. Good music, good vibe, just plain good stuff. Your gonna be hooked.

Spotify link:

Previous Press Notes: Blue Yonder has carved one of the most distinctive musical identities in the capital city, combining Americana, folk, Ameripolitan, and parlor in a way that’s both haunting an exhilarating. Capturing the mood of what a critic Greil Marcus once called “that old, weird America. “ ~Alabama Book Festival~

For your listening pleasure please enjoy another awesome selection “Your Light” by Electric Blue Yonder.

For more information on Electric Blue Yonder and their new single “Bluster” please visit the following sites.


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