Craig Wayne Boyd shines on The Voice

Craig Wayne Boyd Blind Auditions courtesy of NBC The Voice
Craig Wayne Boyd Blind Auditions courtesy of NBC The Voice
Craig Wayne Boyd Blind Auditions courtesy of NBC The Voice

He is “the real deal” no doubt about it and he’s one of the strongest artists on the show at this time. His performances will only grow and become stronger as the battle rounds continue.

I’ve met Craig and I’ve seen him perform in person. His presence on stage is like a magnet. He draws you in and he brings you in to the music making you feel as if you are just as important to that song as the song is to you.

He’s a family man from Mesquite, TX and a single parent raising a young son, giving up a lot of special family time to maintain a musical career. Millions do it every day, that’s true. But if you have never lived it don’t judge it. It’s tough on the entire family. Craig Wayne Boyd is devoted to both.

During our interview Craig spoke of his life long dream of playing music, a ten year professional music career, about touring the country with over 200 shows a year, and how everything fell through when his management company lost funding. It was as if he had to start all over from scratch. For a musician that can mean the end or it can mean a brighter future.

He heard about the auditions for “The Voice”, he knew this was his opportunity to pull his career back up and move forward, no matter the outcome. This would allow him to share his talents with the world. It was the break he needed.

His auditions began in Nashville TN and then he moved on to Los Angeles. Now a major player in the show Craig has gathered a huge following. If you look at his FaceBook and Twitter accounts you’ll see he has a steady and quickly growing fan base.

His power house voice has been compared to legendary country artist Travis Tritt, who by the way, is following Craig closely in the competition on the Voice and has continued to give steady support.

The competition heated up during the battle rounds as Craig and James David Carter squared off. I felt Craig was strong through out the entire performance. He felt relaxed, calm, and in control. His stage presence was confident. It was apparent to all the judges that this would be a difficult decision. Both equally winning the round. A draw to all. Did Blake have a secret plan in place?

Craig Wayne Boyd courtesy of The Voice on NBC
Craig Wayne Boyd courtesy of The Voice on NBC

Selected as the 2014 Nashville Independent Music Award Winner for Best Album of the Year for “I Aint No Quitter, Craig has begun to earn back those stars.

He’s been playing music and singing since the age of four. During high school he worked a part time job and still attended school part time, all to help support his family and to make his own dreams come true. As the song say’s, “ I Aint No Quitter” and he wears it proud.

His loyalty is honorable. Handsome, driven, and confident, Craig’s performance was right on. He didn’t just go out on the stage and sing a song or compete in a contest, he gave a full performance, solely and completely to the audience. His grace and poise on stage is proof of his natural born abilities and that being on that stage is like breathing to him. It’s meant to be.

Craig Wayne Boyd has already earned his star on the walk of fame and he will continue to shine brightly as he impresses us all with his amazing vocals and his natural born talent.

Craig Wayne Boyd courtesy of NBC The Voice
Craig Wayne Boyd courtesy of NBC The Voice

Check back with us as we follow Craig Wayne Boyd on his journey with “The Voice” as he is now a member of “Team Gwen and see what happens when you steal a winner.

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