Greenville TN Native, Heather Gruber Releases New Music Called “ Dance Into The Desert”, Receives High Reviews

Although Heather Gruber is a Greenville TN native she currently makes her home in Los Angeles, CA and is making a huge statement in the music industry with her talent for songwriting and performing.

Gruber’s music would fit nicely into the genre’s of Pop/Folk Pop, and Light Soul. Major influences on her music are John Meyer and Adele, just to name a few. As I listened to Heather I could hear Aliessa Carr coming through. Grubers voice is pristine and clear. It seems always on point, always in key, and superb pitch.

Her latest creation is “Dance Into The Desert” and it has received high marks across the airwaves.

Heather has been likened to artists such as Colbie Callait, Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson, Sara Barielles, John Mayer, and Melanie of (Brand New Key).

“Beauty Outside The Lines” is fun with an up-tempo groove. The feel is springtime fresh and the lyrics are cheerful and welcoming.

Though Heather grew up in the beautiful hills of East Tennessee, her roots are grounded deeply in the life of southern gospel and mountain folk music. As a child, she toured and sang with her grandparents performing southern gospel music.

I really enjoyed “Letting Go” as it opens with soft but inviting acoustic guitar sound. Her vocals, as always are fresh and uplifting.

The third track on the album is “Hiding From The Rain” and I thought this one was excellent. As a person who loves the rain, it inspired me to actually want to walk in the rain even more. I enjoyed the deep percussion beat and the delicate tinkling of the piano. It brought me into the rhythm of the song. Loved it.

Heather’s inspiring and unique collaboration of indie pop, acoustic folk and a blend of adult contemporary music is all her own. She has created her own signature style and sound and it is a bold expression of her spirit of music.

The last selection I reviewed was “Dancing On The Edge.” It is a nice folk style song that starts out with a nice acoustic sound and brings in a strong piano palette. The song was welcoming and invited me to think about what was going on in my day. My feet began to bounce and I was moving in my chair to the uplifting energy. All the songs on this collection are well done and balanced. Great job.

Her debut album featured here is a narration of a young woman transitioning in her life, pursuing her dreams, and rediscovering herself as she moves through a dark time in her life to a brighter future. It’s about real life, real heartache, and newfound freedom. Many people can relate.

Heather’s goal is to release a single a week, every Friday until November 23, 2018. This is a great way of promoting a new album and it gives the fans something to look forward to each week. What a great way to begin your weekend by getting to hear a new song from a favorite artist? I think it’s the best.

Currently, four songs have been released. “Stepped Outside,” “Dancing On The Edge,” “Here You Go Again,” and just a few short days ago, “Ready Or Not.”

“I love people. I’m a very fragile little human who has a hard time with life and I want people to know that they’re not alone when they feel like fragile little humans who are having a hard time with life. I want potential fans to know that I’m their biggest fan.” ~ Heather Gruber~

The scheduled release date for the entire album is November 30th. So the fans will have the opportunity to purchase the entire album and it is sure to be a great purchase.

“This album is about making the move to and finding my way in Los Angeles – the joy, excitement, heartache, pain, hardship, fun, freedom, and struggle. The light and the darkness, all of it.” ~Heather Gruber~

For more information on Heather and her music please check out the sites below. All media and photos are provided courtesy of Independent Music Promotions.

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