Introducing “My Kind Of Woman” by Psychedelic Rock Master Marty Thompson

Born and raised in West Texas, Marty Thompson is a powerful singer/songwriter. He has over 200 original songs to his credit and his live presentations number over 300 originals and covers. Thompson performs with a Martin 00 steel string acoustic and or his Gibson ES-335. His talents with various instruments are mesmerizing especially with a Gibson Thunderbird bass, mandolin, banjo, piano, and a nice collage of other instruments.

He was heavily influenced by classic Texas Rock artists and Psycho-Country cross-overs. By the young age of six he had worn out classic cassettes such as Van Halen, and by the age of 8, artists like Ozzy and the Beatles, Pink Floyd by age 11 along with Zeppelin, and had seen ZZ Top live at least twice by the age of 15. Now we know where his musical roots run deep.

Artist Quote:

My Kind of Woman is a futuristic, original modern rock album with a powerful production – blending real instruments, synthesizers, experimental pads, and multi-layered vocals into a harmony of music. Each song is written in a different key, and even a different scale, and used different sets of instrumentation. The blending of the instruments with the vocalizations and acoustic sounds and samples/synth creates a wholly original sound going beyond Modern Rock and a love for the bygone early 80’s Punk/Post-Punk MTV era. Not to worry, there’s and plenty of Texas soul in every byte

“Paint What You Think” is a great artistic expression with a creative twist on visual production. Thompson plays all the instruments, bass, guitar and keyboards as well as vocals. The animation part of the video catches your attention immediately. It has a fresh cool 60’s style organ sound and it’s fun to watch and listen.

“My Kind Of Woman”, the title track is a champion rock tune with a slightly psychedelic feel and a great guitar solo. The production overall is solid and presents a great old school style of nostalgic rock. Thompson put his own twist into the makings of this work and has set himself apart with his own unique curve and mix.

It may not be for everyone but…this is a collection for the those who want to keep the motor running with sounds of ZZ Top and Zeppelin. It’s music for the ages. Timeless and evergreen.

Marty Thompson released his first solo album “If You Could See Me Now” in 2015 and his second album “Romantic Stories,” in May of 2018. This latest album takes the listener broader range of post-punk and psych rock exploration.

Thompson performs on all instruments accept where the talented drummer, Eric Warwick lends a hand. This album presents in the genre’s of Rock, Modern Rock, Alternative Rock, Psychedelic Rock, and Post-Punk and has been likened to artists such as Tom Petty, Neil Young, Widespread Panic, Pink Floyd, Phish, Frank Zappa, and Alan Parsons.

Sound Engineering on this album is by Marty Thompson & Booth Hill, it is mixed by Booth Hill and mastered by Craig Daniels. The album was recorded at Studio Pros in Compton, CA & Kingwood and Studios in Midland, TX. The collection was produced by Marty Thompson & Kati O’Toole and was released in May of 2019.

“This album is dedicated to my #1 fan forever and wife of 20 years upon this release, Kara Thompson” ~Marty ~

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