Patrick Ames Introduces New Music called “The Virtualistics”

Nashville is the heart of all types of music and Patrick Ames fits the bill for one of the coolest genre’s as a blues rock artist, one I’ve had the opportunity to review in the past. Ames comes to us now presenting a new album called “The Virtualistics.”

Ames moves through the genre with tones ranging from Leonard Cohen to The Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan to Nick Cave. There is a little something for everyone.

To his friends and fans Patrick is known as the storyteller as he expresses his inner muse with eclectic songwriting and inspirations. From raw and dark, sometimes mournful to a helpless, hopeless romantic, you’ll run the scales with him and become mesmerized by the lyrical poetry he displays.

“My mother sang opera and also in the church choir (I’m a choir brat). My very older brothers listened to 1960s hits and bands, and my father to Pop radio. We were close to Detroit, so it was Motown, Motown, Motown, or Puccini.  And for some reason I knew who the songwriters were, like Holland, Dozer, Holland. Then Glen Campbell broke through and I remember adoring him. He had a TV show. He had a guitar and he wrote songs! I still think his Wichita Lineman is extraordinary.”

Patrick began writing songs when he was just 14 years old. He inherited a plethora of guitars and albums from his older brothers as they went off to college. Obviously those jewels were inspirations for his songwriting.

Jon Ireson, Producer, says: Patrick Ames and the Virtualistics
I mixed Patrick’s last album (Liveness) at the beginning of 2020 and by May he had more new material ready to be molded. Although the lyrical themes all come from Patrick, it definitely helps that we are on the same page politically/philosophically. As the tumultuous events of 2020 unfolded, the songs he was sending me about racial and social justice, trust in science, and the hard work of affecting positive transformation in the public square were echoing my own thoughts in real time. When the world goes haywire, music is there to make sense of it. Enjoy

All the songs on this album were recorded throughout the pandemic. The songs inspired by the struggles people faced. “Second Wave” had the post punk feel, while “Rubber and Glue” shares a bluesy vibe. I enjoyed “Reawakened 2020” and the laid back funk of “Help People Up.”

This album fits nicely in the genres of blues rock, soul, and soft rock and roll. It was released on June 16th of this year, 2021.

Musician/Production Credit for this album are Patrick Ames with rhythm guitars and vocals.
Jon Ireson as producer, bass, lead guitars, keyboards and the Mix and Master. Chana Matthews with vocals and Mikaela Matthews with vocals. This is a perfect fit for some eclectic, down to earth music.

Patrick is also an author with his book “Life in the Vineyard” and you can read the book at The book is based on a years journey of criss-crossing the Napa Valley while witnessing the fires of California and the effects of the Pandemic.

His last EP called “All I Do is Bleed” crossed many artistic boundaries for Ames. His comment on the EP was, “Passions can overwhelm you.” It is a collection of songs that hit home to every day life and emotions.

Artist quote: All these songs were recorded during the pandemic by The Virtualistics. – Patrick Ames

For more information on Patrick Ames you can check out the following links.

Patrick Ames online:
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