Share In This Uplifting New Collection Called “And We Rise” by Pop Artist Gina Graves

Based in Wilmington Deleware Gina Graves is a beacon for those who seek spiritual rejuvenation. Her voice and her music are enlightening and uplifting. The lyrics are welcoming and speak not only to your ears but to your heart.

She has a unique style and a view on life that so many of us work around each day. It’s not every day that you find good music, great vocals and positive lyrics that fill the whole package on a great music collection. This one fits them all.

“I have a deep and soulful understanding of the paralyzing emotions that can be experienced as a result of loss, rejection, feelings of inadequacy, and fear in general. I have learned from my personal journey that we are strengthened and beautifully transformed as we move beyond these impossible, yet necessary feelings. Music has held my hand, befriended me, and connected me to the truest part of myself and a much more powerful Source outside of myself. I have been deeply healed by having this music come through me. I cannot take credit for these songs. They have blessed me with authentic empowerment, strength and insight. It is my hope that others may receive the gift of healing that I myself have received in the creation of these songs.” ~Gina Graves~

And We Rise” was released this past October to some outstanding reviews. There are 11 tracks on the collection, and even though some would think that’s a lot, it’s not. Each song is independent of the others and each song will invite you to address something in your life that you’ve been putting off or struggling with facing.

The title track begins almost like a gentle lullaby with a classical feel. It opens with a delicate, twinkling piano then emerges into the vibrant true to life pallet of a cinematic ballad. As chills covered me I was swept up with her soprano highs and the lyrical essence of her vocals. Excellent tone, exceptional pitch, and presentation. Superb.

The next track “I Am Light” again opens with a beautiful piano solo followed by warm vocals. Her tone is excellent and the flow from low ends to the dazzling highs is effortless.

This collection is a refreshing and uplifting musical composition for the body, mind, and spirit. Pop at it’s best. Vocals are pure, crystal and clear.

If You Dare” is inviting and welcoming with soothing, moving vocals and instrumentation. The blend of pop and jazz with the messages of hope, dreams, and love will arouse you to awaken your own life toward a new day.

Graves holds a bachelors degree from the University of the Arts in piano performance where she studied jazz and classical music. This album is a crowning pinnacle of the devotion put into making something that would inspire others to face their low points, and strive to reach the high points in life.

Gina Graves presents her music to us in the genres of Indie, Dream Pop, soft Jazz, Piano Rock, Art Pop and has been likened to artists such as Radiohead, Bjork, Tori Amos, Portishead.

Artists quote:

I have learned from my own personal journey that we are strengthened and beautifully transformed as we move beyond the paralyzing emotions of loss, rejection, feelings of inadequacy, and fear of the unknown. As this music moved through me, I experienced profound healing and transformation. It is my hope that this music may offer that same healing for those who allow it to move through them.”

My dearest hope is that others will experience the imbedded emotional power of this music, and receive the gift of healing that I have received in the creation of these songs.” ~ Gina Graves~

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