Album Preview of Sugarcane Jane With Soon To Be Released “Southern State Of Mind”

Anthony Crawford and Savana Lee are Sugarcane Jane and they are probably one of the best duos on the Southern Rock, and what I call, Rock A Billy circuit. They are truly genuine talent and it’s spoken loud and clear in their music.

Crawford is a Birmingham Alabama native and Savana hails from Loxley Alabama. Together they make up this amazing duo called Sugarcane Jane. One of my favorites is their latest release “Campfire” from their album “Southern State of Mind” and I must say they knocked it out of the park on this one.

If you are a southern rock, folk rock fan, you’ll love the mix on this song and the harmonies are off the charts.

Influenced by legends such as The Everly Brothers, Neil Young, The Dillards, and Simon and Garfunkel, you’ll find hints of those timeless artists in the music and vocals you hear with Sugarcane Jane.

Anthony plays acoustic guitar, harmonica, kick drum, and fiddle while blending his crisp and energetic vocals with Savana’s sweet chorus. Savana plays acoustic guitar, snare drum, and Uke Bass while also joining in with mesmerizing lyrical harmonies.

“Southern State of Mind” has a soft wonderful ebb and flow to it. This single “Southern State Of Mind” on the self-titled album has a breezy feel to it. The harmonies are once again like honey. You’ll find yourself inside the story and the essence of each and every song. Feet tapping, soul cleansing, and all-around feel-good vibes will embrace you.

As husband and wife they know each other well and as a singing duo, they know exactly where the other will go with the inflection of tone, style, balance, and level of vocals and instrumentation. It’s not just a musical thing it’s a partner thing. I closed my eyes and it felt like there was a touch of Emmy Lou Harris and Neil Young or Bob Dylan and Alison Krauss.

The single called “Cabin On The Hill” stirred up my feet and I could not sit still in my seat. It’s gonna keep you jumping and dancing. The harmonies are tight and the instrumentation is jumping and jiving. Southern rock at it’s best. The harmonica and the driving percussion sections on this album keep it uptempo from the first note to the last. I’m a southern girl born and bred right here in Alabama, in a holler, this is where it’s at. “Cabin On The Hill” is a mover and a shaker, literally.

This outstanding duo shares their love of music and their talents with everyone they meet. They make fans feel like friends and part of the musical family. The simplicity and the down to earth feel to their music should not be seen as a weakness. It is the simplicity and the down to earth quality that makes their music, their style, and sound, a timeless and evergreen talent.

Anthony has performed with chart-topping artists such as Sonny James, Vince Gill, and Rosanne Cash plus he has written songs for some of my all-time favorites The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Lee Greenwood.

The couple has performed at some of the most famous venues in the Southern/Gulf Coast region, places like The Shed, Flora-Bama, and The Causeway, just to name a few.

This album was released on Buzz Cason’s new label called ArenA Recordings. Buzz is famous for his work with The Crickets and he was also a backing singer for Elvis Presley and Kenny Rogers. He has been a professional in the music industry for many years.

For more information on where and how you can purchase your own copy of their music please visit the links below.

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