Team Blake Welcomes Pop Artist Kensington Moore to The Voice

Kensington Moore courtesy of NBC The Voice
Kensington Moore courtesy of NBC The Voice

Kensington is young, witty, spirited and dedicated. Seems like a lot for such a young lady but she is wise beyond her years. Especially when it comes to her music.

She knows what she wants to do and expressing it comes naturally. Kensingtons love of music began as a youngster and at the early age of 13 she moved to Nashville to pursue a professional career in the music industry.

Having an amazing mom who’s also a songwriter and coming from a family with a musical background Kensington is a natural for this business.

Her raspy and gritty voice is intriguing to the listeners and it is apparent from the response of the judges that Kensington has a bright future ahead. The edge and grit to her voice only adds to the texture of her vocals.

Kensington says that all four judges/coaches have been a large influence on her and what she wants to do with her music. She is currently working on a new album called “Somebody” that she hopes to release some time around the new year.

After several years of searching for that special niche that’s all her’s, Kensington believes with all her heart that she is destined for the Pop scene. She loves all genre’s of music but Pop music is her home and even though she has found her home in the Pop genre she says no one can go wrong with Team Blake. She said that with Team Blake there is room to grow.

She said that: “You don’t have to be country to learn and grow from Blake.” Wise words from such a young artist.

Kensington and her mom write most of her songs. They each take a topic or a line, or and inspiration and work on it separately and then they come together and meld their close bond into magic.

Kensington Moore courtesy of NBC The Voice
Kensington Moore courtesy of NBC The Voice

Kensington made her way to the auditions by way of supporting a friend who had decided to do the same. As the day went on her friend adamantly encouraged Kensington to give it a try. The rest is history.

She described rehearsals and working with the other performers as a pleasure and said that at times it could be a little intimidating but she tells herself that each one is unique and that it is her uniqueness that sets her apart from the rest.

Her bright personality, her raspy and uniquely gift voice, and her deep love of the industry is sure to continue to set her apart and win or loose, Kensington Moore is a star.

Follow along this week with The Voice for the next installment of battle rounds and don’t forget to vote for your favorite. Things are heating up.

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