Jane Kramer Giving It All She’s Got With Her Release “Valley Of The Bones”

This is a super awesome collection of folk/Americana music set to be released March 1st, 2019. It will hit the radio airwaves on February 18th so be sure your listening.

Jane Kramer of Asheville North Carolina is releasing her third studio album this March. This collection is a 10 track set of all original songs mixed, produced, and engineered at Sound Lab Studios by Adam Johnson and co-produced by Chris Rosser and Kramer herself.

Kramer has a huge respect for the talents and abilities of Johnson and Rosser and says: “I have never trusted two people more with my art. In the past, I have seldom let people hear my songs until I felt that they were polished, but as my musical relationship with and respect for [Johnson] and [Rosser] have deepened, it felt important to me to to involve them from the beginning. “I know that the songs and the record as a whole are much stronger for it, and their gentle but firmly constructive approach has made me a better artist. I’ve been looking for such allies and mentors for a long time,” ~Jane Kramer~

This collection undertakes the sometimes troubling subject matter of real life issues like marriage, miscarriage, self-acceptance, and spirituality. The gracious and relaxed storytelling within the songs brings the honesty and vulnerability to the forefront. The powerful messages within each song is sure to touch something within the listener. Kramers background as a social worker, and former domestic violence crisis counselor, as well as passionate humanitarian, lends to the depth and passion involved in creating such powerful music. Her music is a medicine for healing, growing, and uniting.

This album was recorded mostly live, which includes the vocal performances, in Asheville N.C, at Sound Temple Studios. Collaborators on this collection with Kramer include; Free Planet Radio musicians River Guerguerian, Chris Rosser, Billy Cardine, and two-time Grammy Award winner Eliot Wadopian. The collection includes the talents of Nicky Sanders of The Steep Canyon Rangers, on violin and Franklin Keel on cello of the Asheville Symphony Orchestra.

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Most notable tracks on the album are “Hymn, the sassy “Waffle House Song”, and title track, “Valley Of The Bones.” The title track was noted by Lydia Hutchinson of Performing Songwriter Magazine to be “a masterpiece.”

“I’ll See Your Crazy and Raise You Mine’ is a funny, plunky, country tune, and “Singin’s Enough”, a song about the life and times of a touring musician surely hits home for not just the performer but those who love them.

Kramer is a natural and you’ll find that in her music, as the songs take you down quiet, gravel country roads, beautiful forests of peaceful mountain retreats, and the sometimes lonely nights of motels and truck stops on the road of life.

Check out Jane Kramer and more on her website at https://www.janekramermusic.com/

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